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When you return, you need only bend your knee, lay your sword at my feet, and pledge yourself to my service, and you shall rise again as Jon Stark, the Lord of Winterfell.

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Pound it.

Oct 20 at 02:36PM
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"We’re heading into a new mythology based on the Kitsune myth, which some people might know a little bit about. It is a very, very fascinating Japanese shapeshifter myth about the were-fox and the trickster spirit." — Jeff Davis [x] [pics]

Oct 20 at 02:36PM
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"I came to Los Angeles in the summer, after I finished at the academy. My parents gave me some money and their blessing, and I drove for four days to Los Angeles. I thought I had a firm agreement with the agency, but when I arrived, I found that wasn’t the case. I came to Hollywood, but I’m not doing this for fame, but for the art. Anyways, I came here without an agent, acquaintances, and with very little money. I knew that if I wanted to stay, I’d have to do everything on my own. […] The first few months really weren’t easy. I slept in hostels, sometimes in the car, just to save money. After a while, I got a job - I sold furniture in a department store in Los Angeles - which made it a little easier because I was able to rent an apartment. Shortly after that, I met my manager, with whom I still work with today, and started to make my way into film and television.

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"You see, I sleep next to Xena."

Oct 20 at 12:31PM
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Why do you fly off in the box with him? Why do you do it? The truth, please, just this once.

Keep breathing 

'Cause I'm not leaving you anymore

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The Godfather (1972), directed by Francis Ford Coppola (last scene)